I’m all signed up

Well it has happened! I’m all signed up to walk London to Brighton in May so that means I better start some training. The realisation has just hit home how far 100km actually is. Its my daily commute to work and back. This takes me about an hour in the car so walking is going to be me quite some time.

As mentioned in the About section of this blog I have chosen to raise funds for World Land Trust (WLT). At WLT there are many things that I could raise funds for and they are all equally as important. However at the moment I’m leaning towards raising funds for a Ranger through the Keepers of the Wild programme. Rangers are usually members of the local community and some have even been hunters in the past. This may seem a strange but, because of their knowledge of the project area, former hunters can make excellent wildlife guides and invariably turn into some of the best ambassadors for conservation within the local community.

The transition is a simple one: by earning a wage they become well-respected in their community and instead of hunting to feed their family, they are able to look after their families in a more sustainable and reliable way.

These rangers work extremely hard and support our partners in the reserves. There would be no point in saving habitats and the species that live in these areas if there was no one protecting and monitor them.

I also feel like there is some synergy between me walking 100km and the amount of hiking they have to do as well in the field!

If you did want to sponsor me during my fundraising efforts you can do so below
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

First song of the blog has taken even me by surprise. Felt certain I would a track by The Jam, The Who or The Small Face but I have gone with Northern Soul track that I felt fitting:

 Hank Ballard & The Midnighters : Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go ( 1960 )

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