Week One of Training

Week one of training is over. I set out with a plan to start slowly and work my way up to longer walks. So for week one I set the millage at 15 miles. Not actually that far in the grand scheme of things but enough considering I spend most of my day sat a desk in an office. The other good thing is the walking is giving me plenty of time to listen to some music, but I’ll come on to that a little later.

photo 1I now have  a couple of routes that I can get done before work. One being a short loop of the village and the other is the walk to meet my lift share (when that actually happens). Its probably one of the least interesting walks I will have to do, but it will serve the purpose of getting a few miles under my belt.

I also have a nice 5 mile training loop from Hethersett to Little Melton. The roads are pretty quiet and on Thursday its was a pleasure to take a stroll in the sunshine and there were plenty of birds about. Managed to get good views of the village Buzzards whilst they were being mobbed.

photo 1 copy
Sunday had a good walk from Hethersett to Eaton Park where I attempted Parkrun with my son. The run wasn’t that successful as the boy decided to give up but it was good to be out and about in the morning anyway. One thing I am looking forward to already is the mornings being lighter and the weather being a little warmer. Walking in the rain isn’t a good look.

I am doing this to raise funds and do my extra little bit for the charity that I work for so you. I would be extremely grateful if you were to sponsor me, with all money going to World Land Trust and its Keepers of the Wild programme.

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Now on to the fun bit. My intention is to post at least one track that I have been listening to whilst walking (I’ll probably even throw a few extra posts in about the music, the books and the clothes as I go along) and I and will also create some playlists that I will share when I’m a little further in. So my tune of this post is going to be:

The Kinks – Louie, Louie (1965). I love this track and I’m feeling the Kinks at the moment. I will have to go and do some digging at the weekend and treat myself some new vinyl for the collection.

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