Negroni and Mythos Blur

This week I decided to step it up a little. I managed roughly 4 miles a day for 3 days at the start of the week, with a plan to do a much longer walk at the weekend. There were a couple of early starts, getting up before sunrise. photo

I also seem to be doing a lot a walking when the suns gone down as well. Walking the route from Thickhorn to Hethersett in the evenings hasn’t been much fun either. Hopefully all this walking during the dark and dull mornings and evenings will be rewarded when the lighter mornings and longer evenings arrive… well thats what I’m hoping anyway.

The plan was to do a 15 miler on the Sunday. Now this seemed like a good idea until I remembered I was having a night out on Saturday. An evening at the Blue Joanna Bar and Kitchen was the order of the day (or evening0. Having never been there I wasn’t sureLOGO_LABEL what to expect. I thought it was going to be an interesting night when on arrival I walk in to find a couple of Mods stood at the bar, one with a record box in his hand.

I grab myself a beer and on this occasion I had myself a Mythos. I was reliably informed this was a good beer and to be honest it was pretty good, so I sank a few during the evening.

photo 1The food a Blue Joanna was pretty good, well actually it was very good. I really enjoyed everything that was served up. So much so that we just kept on ordering until we were unable to eat anymore. Now the other bonus was the fact that there was a turntable and the gents who had brought the record box treated us to a selection of really good tunes one of which, Louie Louie by The Kinks has already featured on the blog.

As the evening went on a decision was made that we should sample a cocktail and a Negroni was the cocktail of choice, which to be quite frank was chuffin horrible! I have never had one before and I will not be having another. One of my fellow diners described it as tasting like earwax! I’ll take his word for it!

photo 2Now for the Sunday walk. I set of with a little blur and feeling like I would rather be doing anything other than walking 15 miles on my own. My pace was pretty good and I started to feel much better, well up until the point I turned the corner just outside Hethersett and had to walk 5 or 6 miles into a head wind. Now I love Norfolk and I love the hedgerows but they really work like a wind tunnel especially when its a long straight piece of road. I walked on from Melton through to Wymondham and then out to Silfield. The walk was pretty quiet in terms of the numbers of people I saw, but the area between Wymondham and Silfield seemed like a pretty popular place for walkers and cyclists and I imagine in the summer it would be a nice place to walk with the family.

photo 4Rather annoyingly the route I mapped out wasn’t quite right as one of the roads I chose was actually a no through road. So I had to walk down a pretty busy main road which wasn’t much fun. It was also about this time my GPS died. I eventually got back on track and headed towards to Ketteringham and I was beginning to feel the miles by now.  Also rather annoyingly my phone died as well which is something that I think I’m going to have to address the closer I get to the big event. I arrived back into Hethersett pondering what I need to do next. First thing was soak in a bath and then work on finding someone to walk with as walking alone isn’t that much fun!

The Music – I chose to not listen to music all the way round but ironically whilst I was listening this track came on fairly early in the walk. I thought the title was pretty apt and also the Ska beat helped pick up the pace whilst battling with the wind.

Stranger & Patsy – The Word Is Wind

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