Well I got that a bit wrong!

So it was an interesting and busy week with lots going on at home and at work this week but I still managed to get some training in. I did the usual laps of the village combined with the really rather uninteresting drag up to Thickthorn and back.

photo 1

One highlight from the week was the much-anticipated Public Service Broadcasting gig. This was a rescheduled gig after the cancellation towards the end of last year. They were playing at Open in Norwich, which is a venue I can’t really make mind up about. It’s a great building but they have an awful viewing balcony that runs across the main room that blocks out sound vibrates when there’s some serious bass.

Saturday was definitely a family day as I was planning another longish walk, maybe a slightly shorter that than last Sundays 16 miler. On Saturday Night I did a little planning whilst listening to my latest purchase, The Golden Torch, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent 1969-1973 the soundtrack to Northern Soul. This is a great album with some classic tracks some of which I had never heard before. It’s a limited edition album and I’m more than happy to add it to my collection.

Track listing:
1. Crackin’ Up Over You – Roy Hamilton
2. Crying Over You – Duke Browner
3. I Worship You Baby – The Glories
photo 24. You Don’t Want Me No More – Major Lance
5. Bok to Bach – Father’s Angels
6. The Slow Fizz – The Sapphires
7. Blowing Up My Mind – The Exciters
8. You Just Don’t Know (What You DO To Me) – Chubby Checker
9. Quick Change Artist – The Soul Twins
10. Compared To Waht – Mr. Floods Party
11. Sliced Tomatoes – Just Brothers
12. Heartaches Away My Boy – Christine Cooper
13. Walk Like A Man – Johnny Moore
14. Keep On Keeping On – N.F.Porter

Anyway I had my route worked out and on Sunday I decided I would be heading out from Eaton park after the Norwich Junior Parkrun.

photo 3

Sunday morning arrived and I set out from Eaton Park as planned. I started following the Tas Valley walk through Cringleford and then out towards Intwood. It was actually a beautiful morning and I even managed to remove some layers, as it wasn’t as cold as they had predicted. The roads out this way were nice and quiet with the odd cyclist making the most of the sunshine and the dry roads. I had planned to go a little off road, but when I arrived at the footpath I was going to take, I was it had been freshly ploughed and pretty unusable as route, so had to continue along the road to East Carleton.

I was now back in familiar territory a I was heading out to Ketteringham and the roads I had walked previously. This is where the annoyances started. There was an overly aggressive and pretty unimpressive cyclist who felt that having a nice bike meant he could cycle directly at me. I’m not sure what he was trying to prove, but whatever it was it didn’t work. Then I was heading towards to Wymondham and I was meant to walk along Lower Spinks Lane and then under the A11 as I was meeting Stuart Moore of WheelFitness at the gym. Anyway I couldn’t get through and had to turn back and then walk through to Wymondham via Browick Road. I finally got to the Gym and Stuart was busy.

photoThe other disappointing thing was the extra mile or so made me start feeling awful. I decided I was hungry so grabbed a sandwich and then the temperature dropped. The combination of both these things made me just lose energy and more frustratingly enthusiasm. I continued on my route down Tuttles Lane and then the heavens open and the hail started to fall. By the time I had go through to Great Melton I had quite frankly had enough. I put on some tunes to see if it would motivate me for the last couple of miles and it had the desired effect.

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Now for the Music – Nothing like a bit of Weller to lift the mood and help pick up the pace. This week the track that stood out was The Changingman – Paul Weller

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