Trying to get a bit more organised

After last weeks rather disappointing walk I decided that I needed to ease off a little and try to work out what I actually need to do. So during the week I only did one short walk round the village and then booked myself an appointment to see Stuart of WheelFitness for Sunday morning. Stuart’s not only a personal trainer but he was also part of the Dove Step 2 team so should know a little about endurance training.

photo 1Friday was a night out on the town to meet up with a few friends and then Saturday was walk day. But first things first, Saturday morning is now all about Wake up with Kevee. Kevee is someone I met when doing the London to Paris cycle ride back in 2011. I really enjoyed cycling with Kevee and along with Mick and Andy I probably had one the best days cycling I have ever had. Just chilled out, great fun and even though it was day 3 the miles flew by and the hills didn’t seem so bad either. As with many of the guys I met on that trip I have kept in touch with them as they were a great group of people. Anyway Kevee now presents a radio show on Saturday morning’s where he plays some cracking music, Mod, Northern Soul, Ska, 2 tone and Punk. He also throws in the odd random early 90’s cheese and always keeps you guessing as to whether he is actually going to play the right track or not. I will venture down one day to see him action.

After the show finished and the good lady got back from Parkrun I headed off out for my walk. The aim was to do about 10 miles, but this week I was feeling ok so added a few extra miles onto the planned route and I finished up doing a 13 miler. I won’t bother mapping this walk out as it was just parts of previous walk’s joined together.

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Sunday was Junior Parkrun so a gentle run in the morning with the kids and then it was time to head to the gym for my first proper training session with Stuart. I now have the start of a training plan worked out so there should be no excuses. So fingers crossed I’m now heading in the right direction again. I feel I need to mixed up the training to get some extra fitness and make it more enjoyable as just walking could end up being a dull.

This weeks song of choice is a classic Rhythms and Blues track:
Dimples – John Lee Hooker


  1. Angela Clifford says:

    Best of luck with the Charity Walk.
    Loving the tracks! and the blog. !


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