Its nice to be back walking

After not really walking any distance in the last few weeks it was nice to be back out and about and this time with some company. I set out from Little Melton with Paulo and Ollie. It was a pretty nice day and the birds were singing and so was Paulo. I refuse point blank to put a link to the song he was sing as it drove me mad for about two days – The Blow Monkeys

photo 1

As there are no footpaths from Little Melton we used the country lanes heading towards Bawburgh with full intentions of having a pint at the kings head. On route we were given a photo 2warning to Beware of Don. So next time you are heading to Bawburgh make sure you are wary of Don whoever that may be.

We arrived at the pub and it was drinks all round. The young’n got a little rowdy and after a little flirting with the locals was picked up by mum and head on home.

We had a couple of swift pints before we set off and made our way home. Having arrived at the pub in shorts and  T-shirts it was rather disappointing to set out of the pub and find it had closed over and was quite frankly cold and then it started to rain a little.

We made our way back over the bridge and took a right out of Bawburgh village and made our way up the only hill in the area. Now at this point point there were some photo 2-1strange sights.

One being a man in a hedge on his hands and knees filling a bag with what looked like nettles.

We then came across a car with a rather special paint job.

Then in the middle of no where there was a gate with a solar panel that was powering a keypad. Now I could understand this if you couldn’t just walk round it!

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The rain eased off a little as we headed back in through Great Melton and then past the Great Melton Reservoir. We had a little look round the lake and then the heavens opened. We followed the bridleway round the the field and which point Paulo had to clim through a fallen tree to make he way home and then I carried on to Grove Road after spending a short time watching the local Little Owls.

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