Ghost Town

This town, is coming like a ghost town.. and this particular town is Wymondham. I had the pleasure of heeding out for a walk with an old friend Mel Hailes and one one of her friends Amanda who both happen to be training for a long walk in London.


For one moment I thought I had managed to convince Mel to join me on my big walk. However there was some excuse made about a hen weekend or something along this lines

The walk we did took us on a loop of the town. We headed out from Waitrose at about 8.15pm and set off down Tuttles lane until we hit the junction of Chapel Lane. Which was interesting as when we turned the corner there was no footpath nor street lights.

We then headed through town and via Cock Street, Middleton Street and then onto Damgate, Friarscroft and then out the back of town until we found our way onto the main road. We had a little wander through the industrial estate via the station past the the car park with some rather ‘dubious’ activity taking place. By the time we had gone past Ketts Park and the Police station and back to Waitrose we had clocked up 7 miles or so.

Anyway there could only be one track for this particular walk

The Specials – Ghost Town (1980)

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