Common (fence) lizards

I personally know very little about Lizards but after a tip-off by my colleague and the author of the blog 27Butterflies I was at least able to photograph 7 common Lizards that were sunning themselves on one section of fence at the edge of Millennium green in Halesworth.

Common Lizard9

I’m lead to believe that these lizards are territorial, so for me it was interesting to see at least 7 of these Lizards sharing the same small piece of fence. The other thing that I found surprising was that they chose to use a piece of fence which was next to a high traffic pathway used by lots of people, bikes and dogs. They didn’t seem to remotely care that people and dogs were there, well unless you got far to close for comfort.

Common Lizard10

Reptile header

Common Lizard7

Common Lizard6

Common Lizard4

Common Lizard5

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