Let the drawing commence

A few months ago I was out with my 5-year-old twins and my daughter announced to someone she met that her daddy was artist. Now this is a nice thought, and would probably be over playing it a bit that I could be considered an artist. Either way it was really rather embarrassing as I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush, pen or pencil in years. So I decided the pens and pencils would see the light of day again to see what I could do. It started off OK, even if I was a little rusty. The drawings are from perfect, but I really enjoyed doing them. What I found was drawing again was really relaxing. I was back producing a piece of artwork because I wanted to and not because I had to. Anyway below are the first drawings on this adventure of rediscovering whether I can draw and paint again.

Redwing - Pen and Pencil

Redwing – Pen and Pencil

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