Millennium Green: Slow start but comes up trumps

Early on in the year I said to myself I would endeavour to take a walk in my lunch hour and ensure that I didn’t sit at my desk every lunchtime. Near to the office in Halesworth is an area called Millennium Green and this was the obvious place to head out to.

I was joined by the New Web developer who had similar interest in wildlife. Early on in the year we started to wonder if this was a place devoid of life. We saw very few birds and next to nothing else. We set ourselves the challenge of seeing 50 species of Bird, 15 species of Butterfly and water ever else we could see would be a bonus.

In spring the green just simple came to life. Birds started to arrive, and as them months have gone on Butterflies, Dragon and Damselflies, mammals and reptiles. One reptile that we have seen many of that I’m not ashamed to say I had never seen until this year was a Slow Worm

Slow worm

Slow worm

By all accounts they are not uncommon around here and every time I mentioned not seeing them I was getting some funny looks.

I started to think why had I never seen a Slow worm before? Was it because I wasn’t looking in the right place? Was I just simply over looking them? Was it because I spent so much time looking at other things i.e. Birds? Or had I never really made the effort? I had seen Grass snakes before and Adders but not Slow worms.

Slow worm

Slow worm

Well on todays visit to the Green we saw 4. The last time we made the effort there were as many as 6. They ranged in colour and size and were in various locations.

On the numerous occasions I have now seen them I still have a feeling of excitement and also appreciation of how lucky I am to live and work in the area of the country I do. I also have come up with the answer to my earlier questions. I think Im ashamed to say I didn’t make enough of an effort.

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