Can we have a gin yet ladies?

So on the 23rd of April I was invited, or may actually have invited myself, to walk with the ladies of Can we have a gin yet? fame. Now, knowing Whitters I kind of knew what I was getting myself into, but you can never be 100% sure. Would they all be as crazy as her? Turns out yes. Would they talk as much as her? Not a chance! Would they walk me into the ground? We would soon find out! Anyway the intended walking distance was 17 miles from Sea Palling to Cromer.

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We met in Sea Palling before setting off. The sun was shining yet it was a little cold. North Norfolk was going to live up to its famed 4 seasons in one day (more of that to follow)IMG_7428

We set off through the dunes which for me was a far better option than walking on the beach, as walking on sand filled me dread. I’m not a huge fan of sand, well actually I can’t stand the stuff! It looks lovely from behind the beach or from in the sea.

Walking in formation, with myself taking up the rear. Now there are a few theories as to why I took up this position. Firstly it could be seen as being a gentleman and making sure no one was left behind or it could be seen as doing the sensible thing! If someone was to fall down a hole it wouldn’t have been me as i would have seen them go first! Luckily there were no holes just lots of bloody fences that that needed hurdling!

Heading towards Happisburgh we were faced with a rather threatening dark cloud. Now let me quote Whitters at this point “its OK Dan its going to miss us”. Needless to say we had to take cover in what looked like an old military shelter. I don’t want to complain too much as we were lucky to be out of the rain, hail and wind, but the smell of Chicken sh#t was just a little over powering!

We pushed on and had our lunch somewhere between Bacton and Mundesley. Whitters played with her nutty balls. Bailey the dog tucked into his quinoa salad. Yes I was on a walk where dogs eat quinoa salads!

IMG_7473            photo 1-1

At Mundesley we bid farewell to Sez as she met her husband Tom and son Joe and headed off into the sunshine. We took some directions from a local, who quite frankly made no sense at all but somehow we found our way out of Mundesley.

We experienced some more rain around this time which was nice! However unfortunately about this point Mrs T started to feel a bit of pain in her knee, which wasn’t so nice!

photo 2-1

It was shortly after this that hysteria started to set in. We stopped for a short pause whilst we removed some layers as the sun had come out and it was way too hot to be wearing waterproofs. Some of the team donned ‘toe condoms’. Best not to ask!

photo 5

We had to head inland for a section of the walk and the signs of erosion were quite staggering and also a little scary. When I say scary, what I mean is don’t walk along the coastal path discussing the best of 60’s fashion, scooters, Motown, R&B, Ska as a lack of concentration and a little Northern Soul dancing (even with a bad knee) can have you nearly walking of a cliff. It would have been a great soundtrack to go out to!

photo 3-1

By the time we reached Overstrand Mrs T the limping Northern Soul dancing walker was struggling. I had handed over every first aid and pain killing item I could offer, but it was clear that it was time to call the cavalry.

photo 4

Whitters took charge and arranged for someone from The Grove Hotel where the ladies were staying to come and pick up Mrs T. Interestingly at this point Phillips decided to accompany her back to the hotel and left me to the do the last stretch with Staff Sargent Whitters.  We left with the ladies sat on a bench looking like a couple of angsty teenagers who were refusing to carry on.


The remainder of the walk took us through some pretty beautiful landscapes and in the sunshine it looked pretty beautiful. We finally made it to the hotel where the ladies were staying. There was the obligatory gins before I set off for the train station. After a lot of faffing around due to a lack of funds ( I had spent it on Gin), I managed to get a train, bus, taxi to home.

By far my favourite training walk. It was extremely enjoyable, Whitters and her crew were lovely and helped me forget all my worries for several hours. I was actually quite jealous that I couldn’t join them on their walks over the next couple of days.I do look forward to joining them in the future.

Tunes from the walk:

Major Lance – Hey Little Girl by

Dusty Springfield – Live it up

Ike and Tina Turner – A Fool in Love


  1. Phillips says:

    Thanks for walking with us Wanderer, you made an excellent member of the team; excellent first aid provision, efficient porter for the injured Mrs T, pace keeper and of course – gin drinker! You are welcome to join us any time.


  2. Merryn says:

    Haha -looks just like my friend’s dog who I borrow sometimes. Would totally eat a quinoa salad. Maybe it’s a whippet thing?


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