Its a bit warm

On the warmest day of the year so far, I decided it would be a good idea to try my longest walk yet! Strange decision I know, but it wasn’t really what I had planned but time is running out before the big day.

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The plan for the day was to to walk the Upper Tas Valley Way which actually goes from Cringleford to Attleborough. I discovered you can actually start it in Hethersett which was an interesting proposition.

After a false start because I had forgotten my flipping phone I headed out through the Oilseed rape and into the already rather warm sunshine.

photo 1-1

It wasn’t long before I was faced with what was going to become a common theme on this particular walk.. Cows! Now I’m not that bothered by them normally but when they decided to walk towards you snorting rather than buggering off in a different direction it can be a little unnerving! The other thing about cows is that they are chuffin massive!

Even though I was following the Upper Tas Valley way which was sign posted I still managed to get lost on a couple of occasions fairly early on in the walk. I supposed the extra distance should be considered a good thing, later on in the day I wasn’t feeling so positive about things!

I have tried to map my route out but the wonders of Google Maps wouldn’t let me use footpaths so here is an uploaded map from the Tas Valley website, which starts in Cringleford.

The route took me through several villages and parts of the Norfolk Countryside that I have never visited. The area around Flordon (where there is a community library in an old red phone box), and the Forncetts is really rather stunning and it was a pleasure to wander through. Saying this but I did venture through some grotty farms, one of which I was surrounded by more sodding cows and a rabid looking Collie, with its tongue hanging out and bright red eyes (thats not a joke). I didn’t hang around long enough to take a picture.

photo 2

The other thing about the walk today was the sheer lack of shade. So the sun was starting take its toll on my energy levels, and my water supplies. I even had to undo the top button on my Fred Perry!

I also got to check out whether my new shoes were actually waterproof. The answer was yes as I waded through a couple of bogs and then streams so I could clean the mud off. You have to try and look your best at all times (hard when you are many miles into a walk and its roasting hot!)

As I got closer to New Buckenham I was fast running out of water, the footpaths were getting harder to follow as the signage kept vanishing. I did however mange to see one particular path through a field, as it had been sprayed and it was a rather scary fluorescent orange!

photo 3I was getting closer to the heart of the village and had to walk through the common. As I entered the common there was a sign up saying that there were farm animals and their young.. MORE SODDING COWS.. this time really unfriendly and there was a face off. Me on one side of the bridge, them on the other side of the bridge. We stood and starred at each other for a few minutes, and there was only going to be one winner. Yep I turned round and found an alternative route, which shock horror was further than the proper route.

I arrived at the Kings head in the village and decided I would treat myself to a drink and something to eat and it can be safely said it went down rather well.

Anyway this blog is going on a bit, so lets stop the wittering and get on with some music. There were several tracks going round in my head today, so here are a few

Baba O’riley by The Who

Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

Bert’s Apple Crumble – Quik

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  1. Mary Bradbury says:

    No mention of the warm welcome and roast dinner at the end of your journey and of corse the taxi ride home


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