Birthday surprise

4 June and it’s absolutely pouring it down with rain. I was determined not to waste the day. Armed with Ginger beer, cake and a map, along with all usual optical equipment I decided to try somewhere new and headed for Thompson Common and Lake. I had heard it was good for Odonata and wanted to take a look. I had also been reading another blog that said it was a cracking area for birds as well.

On arrival I wasn’t 100% sure I was in the correct place as it’s not well signpost which made it all the more appealing. Thompson common is part of the Pingo trail which makes for an interesting landscape with many pools for wildlife to inhabit.

Once I had made it through the trees I came to the first pool which had lots of Damselflies in the tall grasses and plenty of Marsh Orchids scattered about a little way from the pools.

Southern Marsh Orchid at Thompson Common

Southern Marsh Orchid

I managed to get a photograph of a few Damselflies one being the image below. I tried to ID the species myself when I got home but had no idea as to what it was. I contacted the British Dragonfly Society and was informed that it was a Scare Emerald Damselfly which are limited to only a few areas in the UK one of which is Thompson. It is listed as rare and recognised as vulnerable by the UK and at one time thought to be extinct.

Scarce Emerald Damselfly

Scarce Emerald Damselfly

I continue my walk all the way to Thompson Lake. This took me through Thompson Covert which was just stunning. It look like a place time had forgotten.

Thompson Covert

Thompson Covert

On arrival at the lake I sat down ate some birthday cake, had a ginger beer and watched the Swan family as they went about their business. Thompson has to be one of my favourite places to visit. Also the pub in Thompson itself is pretty good as well.

Swan family at Thompson lakes

Swan family at Thompson lakes


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