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Awanderingmod wanders again

After a few weeks of being what can only be described as static I have decided it’s time to get myself moving. Not only physically but also creatively.

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Wandering on Broomscot

Unable to venture too far from home allows you to appreciate what you have on your doorstep. Sometimes the places closest to you can pass you by and you become complacent to the things around you. I was lucky enough to grow up in Garboldisham and have recently come back to the village and thingsContinue reading “Wandering on Broomscot”


Recently painted image of Meerkat produced from a photograph taken by World Land Trust CEO Jonathan Barnard whilst he was researching Meerkats. If you are going to paint a Meerkat it has to be done in its classic pose.

Hare 3

The European hare also known as the brown hare, is a species of hare native to Europe and parts of Asia. It is among the largest hare species and is adapted to temperate, open country.

Awanderingmod wanders again

After a few weeks being of being what can only be described as static I have decided its time to get myself moving. Not only physically but also creatively.

First Hollow Form

Turning wood is a continuous process of learning. With this piece however there were lot of things I could have done differently and sometimes the old adage of less is more is the appropriate line to take.

Little Ringed Plover

Scientific name: Charadrius dubiusConservation status: Least Concern Painting produced and donated to the team at Wader Quest who are promoting, the conservation and protection of waders or shorebirds and improvements of their physical and natural habitats.



Scientific name: Alcedo atthisConservation status: Least ConcernSize: 17 cm The Common Kingfisher has to be one of the most exciting sightings in the UK. The regular views of the iridescent colours flying close the water or perched on the banks of Rockland broads from a kayak made it a most magical summer.Produced in mixed media and framedContinue reading “Kingfisher”

St Abbs

Whilst on the Society of Wildlife Artists John Busby Seabird drawing course we had the opportunity to visit St Abbs on the East coast of Scotland. Painting in this location was a wonderful experience. Sites and sounds were incredible. Available for purchase.Frame Size: 57cm x 72cm – White framePrice: £350

Resplendent Quetzal

Scientific name: Pharomachrus mocinnoConservation status: Near threatenedSize: 36 to 40 cm, plus up to 65 cm tail streamer The resplendent quetzal is a member of the trogon family and has to be up there as a bird I would most like to see. I may have missed my opportunity when I visited Guatemala a few ago, but one day it mayContinue reading “Resplendent Quetzal”

Art Therapy

Ok so I have rather stolen the name of this blog from the Joe Harkness and his blog/book. In Bird Therapy Joe explores the therapeutic benefits of birdwatching for people experiencing difficulties with their mental health after suffering with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and other mental health issues himself. For the last few years IContinue reading “Art Therapy”

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