Fischer's Turaco

Scientific name: Tauraco fischeri
Conservation Status: Near threatened
Size: 40 – 75cm

Fischers turaco are medium-sized arboreal birds endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, where they live in forestswoodland and savanna. Their flight is weak, but they run quickly through the tree canopy. They feed mostly on fruits and plants but will occasionally take small insects.

I wanted to paint a turaco because they can be found in the Dakatcha Woodlands in Kenya. This is an area of threatened habitat that covers around 2,000 square kilometres and local NGO Nature Kenya are supporting conservation efforts in the area.

As with all my painting its been created using a mixture of watercolour, gouache, pencil colour an ink pen. I have included some photos from my phone to show the build up of the image. From initial sketches through to the image above.

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